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Hair Extensions BRISBANE

Wanting dreamy length, added thickness or beautiful colour dimension? Specialists here at M Hair Brisbane can make all of your hair dreams come true. Hair Extensions are an exceptional way to transform your hair. We partner with Australia’s most recognised and awarded hair extension supplier in Australia, Jadore and specialise in Beaded Weft and Tape Hair Extensions.

We are here to make you feel your best, feel beautiful and feel confident with your hair. Whether it be for volume or length, Hair Extensions in Brisbane is our speciality. Specialising in Premium Extensions, at M Hair Brisbane, we offer a personalised service to our clients to achieve their desired hair transformations!

Our hair is of luxury quality and double drawn, meaning the hair is thick from top to bottom, this achieves the most superior finish. We offer a large variety of colours and lengths to ensure your perfect match!

If you’re looking for a versatile, natural-looking hair extension method, weft hair extensions may be the perfect solution for you. Our weft hair extensions are made from double drawn, Remy Russian hair that is sewn onto a horizontal strip, known as a weft. This can be done by hand or by machine.

The beads on the weft match your hair color and blend easily, while also keeping the extensions attached to your hair securely.

Weft hair extensions, when applied by our team of trained and talented professionals, is a gorgeous, painless, and natural-appearing option if you are looking to add volume and thickness to your mane



Tape Hair Extensions are another very popular option as they’re quick to install and easy to maintain. Our tape hair extensions are 4cm-wide pieces that are attached to the hair by applying two pieces one on top of the other, divided by a small slice of natural hair in between. They stay in the hair tape on each piece, and once placed together will stick until gently removed with a solution during maintenanceThe most common reason that our tape hair extensions are so incredibly popular with our clients is that they are very flat, which allows us to add a lot of extensions if a client is looking for maximum volume. Also, our tapes being 4cm wide avoids the hair looking stringy or sparse which can happen with other hair extension application methods.The beauty of our tape extension method is how versatile it is, to make very naturally short hair to a much longer style, to add serious length! To adding volume and body to finer hair, there is so much we can do to create your desired style.

Our hair extensions are very discreet, meaning it allows you to easily wear your hair up or down and will not damage your natural hair. We position the hair uniquely to each client to best suit their hair texture, growth patterns and desired outcome.


For a full head we apply 40 pieces (20 sandwiches) which is approximately 100g of hair. 

Our lengths include but are not limited to 18inch, 22inch and 26inch.

We have a large variety of colours of Hair Extensions and custom colour and tone to match you!

Our hair being Double Drawn ensures the hair is thick from root to tip, as the shorter hairs are removed and replaced with longer hairs.

Our hair being Double Drawn ensures the hair is thick from root to tip, as the shorter hairs are removed and replaced with longer hairs.

Every 6 to 8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows, our tape can last longer than this, however this is the recommended time to remove and reinstall our Hair Extensions to ensure your natural hair health!

Do not use any protein, sulphates or keratin, these are found in a variety of shampoos, conditioners and treatments, the reason we advise against this is these products can cause slippage of the tape and cause brittle